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[D]ad accepted an offer on [his] home and was told he would need to be out of the house in about a month. My brother and I realized that because of distance, time and cost, we would not be able to help dad with all that would be necessary to make this happen. That is when we sought the services of Kristi.
My brother and I were very grateful that Kristi kept in contact with us during the process. 
I am not sure I can express how thankful we are to Kristi for all she did for our family. The peace of mind we had knowing Kristi was guiding dad through this process was a blessing. We had total trust in her and felt comfortable with any and all decisions that were made. What we also treasure is that Kristi had a great deal of patience with dad. He was grieving the loss of his wife, which made going through their things a difficult process. She gave him the time and space he needed while still gently encouraging him to move forward.

Sarah N., Orlando

You spelled out for me and for my future what would be needed and that you would provide for me a plan and direction for all that would be needed. I never grasped what all would be needed, the thousand decisions to be made about most everything: closing the house, what to keep, what to sell, what was worth moving, what was not. Somehow, with your help, I made it through all the twists and turns.

Kristi, I cannot thank you enough for walking me through the hardest time of my life.

Martin B., Milwaukee

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